Wild Dispensary Chest Tonic 200 ml

Wild Dispensary Chest Tonic 200 ml

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Our Chest tonic containing thyme and kawakawa - A synergy of wild and New Zealand Native herbs.  100% natural New Zealand made tonic.  Delicious tasting and suitable for adults and children.

Traditionally thyme has been used to support respiratory health. Kawakawa was highly valued and widely used in traditional Māori medicine, including to soothe coughs and colds.

Recommended Dosage:
Adults 10 ml- max dose, 10ml 5 x daily
Children (2-12 years)  5 ml- max dose, 5ml 5 x daily
When unwell: Up to 5 x daily
Support vitality: 1 x daily.  Taken neat or in hot/cold water (dilute to taste up to 1:10)

This product is handmade and natural - please shake well before use.