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"With so much going on around us, it’s easy for our hectic lives to take over at times. Bach™ Original Flower Remedies help to balance your emotions and fulfil your potential."

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Formulate your own Bach Flower Remedy
Formulate your own Bach Flower Remedy
Formulate your own Bach Flower Remedy

Formulate your own Bach Flower Remedy

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Select each essence you want in your remedy from the drop-down list and add each to your shopping cart. 

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The essences you select will all be added to your dropper bottle to make 1 combined personalised dropper bottle full of your individualised bach remedy. 

(If you would like to have 1 essence only per dropper bottle then please contact us so we can arrange this as we need to include the cost of multiple bottles in your charge) 

(If you are a green machine you are always welcome to post us back your empty bottle to be refilled and we will refund you $2.50 off your remedy)

our qualified Bach practitioner 

Need some more help?

Sometimes it's a little challenging to narrow down which of the 38 flower essences you need in your individualised bottle. Maybe you are needing some clarity over the different options or maybe you need help to get started. We are here to support you in your choose! Our qualified Bach practitioner can chat with you on the phone or you can email or message her for some extra guidance.

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Dr Bach categorised the essences in seven groupings, to help people choose the right essence for them.

The Seven Groupings


Face your fears

Be reassured when you feel unsettled and can't say why
Put your fears into perspective and stop worrying about your loved ones, have peace of mind
Be fearless! Don't be overwhelmed and freeze from fear
Be composed, don't lose control of your behaviour
Have courage, don't shy away in fear.


Know your own mind

  Find your resolve and shake off that ‘Monday morning feeling’.
Be clear about what you want, especially when facing a crossroads in your life.
Stop doubting yourself, and trust your inner wisdom.
Be steadfast and confident, stop hesitating and changing your mind when faced with making decisions
Be hopeful and don’t give up.
Don't allow challenges and difficulties to get you down. 


Live the day

 Stop day dreaming and focus on what's happening around you.
Don't be resigned to your circumstances, reignite your enthusiasm.
Allow yourself to be restored and revitalised.
Be present, put the past behind you and move forward with boldness.
Consciously embrace brightness and joy when gloomy feelings descend
Be objective and gain insight when you find yourself repeating the same mistakes
Find tranquillity when you struggle to switch off at night.


Reach out to others

  Practise patience when you find yourself getting frustrated and wanting everything done instantly
Don't be self-reliant, allow yourself to reach out and connect with the people that surround you
Engage in genuine two way conversations with others, without driving people away. Don't be preoccupied with your own situation


Stand your ground

Don't hide your troubles behind a smile. Open up and communicate your real feelings with genuine cheerfulness.
Follow your own path and learn to say 'no' when you feel imposed upon.
Accept that life is full of change and don't be held back or side-tracked.
Be generous-hearted and curb your feelings of jealousy and envy.


Find joy and hope

 Be optimistic, don't let feelings of hopelessness and despondency in.
Find peace of mind and solace. Don't feel guilty or blame yourself when anything goes wrong. Keep your perspective and don't feel overwhelmed.
Take control of your destiny. Resist negative feelings and resentment, forgive past mistakes. Don't be nervous to try new things, have confidence in your abilities.
Promote a positive self-image by embracing your body and mind as it is, and accepting your imperfections.
Take comfort and soothe yourself when facing the after effects of a shock.


Live and let live

  Learn to unwind, don’t let your strong views and fixed principles make you insensitive to those around you.
Be flexible when striving for your goals.
See the good in others and tolerate their imperfections when they get under your skin
Care for the ones you love without becoming overprotective or expecting anything in return.
Share your opinions and offer advice without being overbearing and dominant 

Make your remedy
Now you have done some background research you are all set to make your selection.
Click the 'choose essences' button to be taken to our shop page. Here you simply need to add each essence you need to the shopping cart (up to 7). The cost of the bottle and spring water base is built into the essence price so you automatically get the bottle with your remedy.  

our individualised emotional support option

9 key Bach Benefits

  • Recharge and Reground
  • Know your own mind
  • Face Your Fears
  • Help you to Live in the Present
  • Find Joy and Hope 
  • Ease Frustration
  • Tailor to Your Unique Situation
  • Live and Let Live 
  • Select up to Nine Essences 

a perfect combination with your Bach Remedy 

The Healing Power of Crystals 

Mini Gemstone Hearts
Mini Gemstone Hearts

Mini Gemstone Hearts

Gold Tiger Eye
Gold Tiger Eye

Gold Tiger Eye



Rose Quartz Tumble
Rose Quartz Tumble

Rose Quartz Tumble


We feel privileged to offer you the opportunity to tailor make your very own remedy

Please email, message or call us to book a time for more support in your choice, should you need it. 

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