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Shop Wendy's carefully curated cards & have a giggle Shop Cards

Vast array of quality brands and hard to find gems to help you stay healthy!

We are a family business in the deep south, we care about every order!


Local Health Shop in Invercargill Offers a Wide Selection of Products

Natural Health is for everybody. From skin issues, fatigue, low iron or extra energy during pregnancy, you don’t need to be a fitness fanatic or live any specific lifestyle to experience the benefits of shopping at our very special Southern health shop in Invercargill. Windsor Health is a family-owned passion project (mother, daughter (plus 2 sisters who chip in their skills) and our wonderful family of talented support staff) that offers a wide range of health products and gifts for all areas of your life. We pride ourselves on providing the same warmth and empathy online as we do with all our lovely locals instore. Don't forget if you are travelling down our way pop in!!! We would love to meet you in person!

Why You Should Be Shopping at Health Stores in NZ

We are starting to prioritise better health in NZ. We are all in charge of our own health and wellbeing and taking the time to understand and address any health concerns that arise enables us to work out how we might be able to correct and reclaim wellness! Natural products are becoming more popular as we understand more about their benefits. Ancient knowledge has resurfaced in herbal and nutritional supplements. Here are some of the reasons to switch to shopping at a specialised, independent health shop.

  • Cost-effective. A common misconception people have is that specialised health shops like us are expensive. We negotiate hard with our suppliers to bring you fantastic prices everyday. While we don't bugger about with fandangled sales and bombard you with email marketing we keep it simple and transparent. We also offer bulk loose leaf teas and dried goods to bring you even greater value! .

  • Wider selection. Mum loves abundance (her house was well stocked well before lockdown :). We know there is more than one way to skin a possum and what works well for Sally might not work as well for Bob so we stock a wide range of quality products so we can cater for individual choice. While we try hard to keep room in the shop for our mums and prams our VIP vision impaired, crystal loving gentleman and our wheelchair drivers mum is often in need of reminder to keep some room for movement!

  • Quality-Independent Advice . With our qualified Natural Practitioner Lena on hand we strive to give independent and good quality advice. We genuinely want to get you well and feeling 100%. We refuse to buy into kick backs or schemes that would encourage us to sell you something that is anything other than our genuine best suggestion for you. We pride ourselves on happy customers that come back time and time again because our advice has previously served them well. If you'd like some guidance on your purchase just flick us a message or an email or give us a call!

    Natural Health Products We Offer in Store and Online

    Step into our shop on Bourke Street, where our friendly team loves to chat, answer your questions, and help you find anything on our shelves. Alternatively, our online selection is available across New Zealand. We offer Afterpay if you’d prefer to pay for your order in interest-free instalments. Here are some of our most popular products.

    • Supplements & Health Foods. We ship bulk bagged lecithin, carob goodies & sprouting mix from Steward Island to Northland.We also stock gluten & dairy free treats and protein powders and nutritional supplements. We work with NZ-owned and run brands like Koru Nutrition and high quality International brands like Natures Sunshine to supply high-quality remedies and remedies that are the best in their class.

    • Cosmetics. The products we use on our bodies are equally as important as the food we eat. It can be challenging to decipher confusing ingredient lists on cosmetic bottles and understand their environmental impact. We aim to supply a great cross section that ticks these boxes for you, with various price points. We love supporting small family businesses like us with great service like Nellie Tier & Madeline Ritchie. This range also includes natural hygiene and beauty products such as toothpaste, deodorant, period products, and haircare. We are also stockists of Ethique zero-waste beauty and hygiene bars.

    • Essential Oils. Pure essential oils are extracted from plants, and they have many uses and benefits. Use our vast selection of oils, diffusers, incense, and candles to help you relax, reduce inflammation, repel insects or naturally freshen up your space. We supply a range of quality carrier oils and base ingredients to help you make your own household products with essential oil.

    Why Trust Windsor Health for Quality Health Products in NZ

    We are a small, family-owned business, and we are passionate about natural health and nutrition. We also have a qualified herbalist and health consultant in-store for professional advice and insight. Our little health shop has been operating now for 40 years and we have owned it since 2015. We are proud to bring our wee slice of Southland service to you. Unlike big annoying companies we have a phone you can call and you will either get Lena, Adele, Lyndsay or Wendy answer your call. If we don't.. leave us a message we will call back really fast, just as soon as we have finished serving any customers we are attending on the shop floor (yes we still multi-task!) Contact us for more information - we would love to hear from you!