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Your Health Journey

From a simple bump in the road like a cough, cold through to more challenging road blocks like fertility or chronic health problems, Lena is here to assist you with your health, naturally.

BaAPPHealth (Complementary med), DipClin.Herb.Med DipA.T.C.L, Accredited Natural Fertility Educator

*A Full face-to-face ($90)or phone/zoom appointment ($75) is 45 minutes.
*Short or follow-up appointment 20 mins ($45 for phone/ zoom or $ 65for a face-to-face) suggested for straight forward challenges like low iron, cold/flu or sleep or for a touch base session after a previous full appointments to check script is still correct)
Appointments can be arranged to be face-to-face (limited time slots available each week or an evening phone appointment (these commence from 7pm week nights). Lena is a qualified Natural Practitioner. A full appointment is an opportunity to discuss any health concerns in full, review test results, check blood pressure, blood glucose, or Lena can write a script for a blood test if further tests are required.

Lena is also available for fast phone support. This is a 20 minute max phone call pre-booked. Great for any short questions or advice. $35 which can be added to your instore account or be paid over phone with your card. 


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