Lena Wells

BaAPPHealth (Complementary med), DipClin.Herb.Med DipA.T.C.L, Accredited Natural Fertility Educator

A Full appointment is a 45 minutes

Short or follow-up appointment 20 mins (suggested for straight forward challenges like low iron, cold/flu or sleep or for a touch base session after a previous full appointments to check script is still correct)

These can be arranged to be face-to-face (limited time slots available each week or an evening phone appointment (these commence from 8pm week nights).

Lena our qualified Natural Practitioner. A full appointment is an opportunity to discuss any health concerns in full, review test results, check blood pressure, blood glucose, or Lena can write a script for a blood test if further tests are required. A plan to help get your health back on track can then be formulated which may include herbal supplements, nutritional supplements, liquid herbal tinctures and adjustments to dietary & lifestyle. An appointment with Lena gets you access to a range of specialist 'practitioner only' supplements which are only available through natural practitioner prescription to ensure safety and efficacy.

Lena is a qualified natural health practitioner with a diploma in clinical herbal medicine through the Canterbury College of Natural Medicine and a bachelor in Applied Health majoring in Complementary Medicine through the University of New England in Australia. Lena is also the current president of Natural Fertility NZ and an accredited fertility educator. Natural Fertility NZ is a national charity that trains natural fertility educators around NZ and provides material, support and education around natural family planning and fertility.

A consultation with Lena typically involves a discussion around health concerns or goals, a thorough health history, relevant health checks such as blood pressure, blood glucose or blood tests. Once the situation has been assessed a health plan can be drawn up which will often include herbal supplements, or tinctures, nutritional supplements, dietary and lifestyle advice.

Herbal medicine at the Windsor clinic is based on botany and biochemistry as each plant contains naturally occurring chemicals. When we consume that plant material we digest and absorb some of these chemicals and the chemicals we absorb will usually affect the body in some way. 

"Just like coffee many herbs contain chemicals which  affect the way our body works."

In general most herbs will have fewer and less serious side effects compared to allopathic drugs. Herbal medicines contain much lower doses of the active ingredient, compared to allopathic medicines so they will often need to be taken for a longer period of time to have a similar effect.

Our clinical herbalist will often avoid treating just the symptoms of a disease. For example if you suffer from constipation she will endeavour to discover the root cause of the constipation. If the constipation is found to be caused by underactive thyroid then Lena will suggest herbs and nutritional supplements that will assist with improving your thyroid function and therefore help resolve the constipation. By treating the root cause you are more likely to get long term relief and complete resolution of the illness. 

Herbal medicine is gaining more and more support as scientific evidence of its efficacy grows. Its popularity has caused a boom in the natural health supplement industry resulting in a huge variety in the quality of these supplements and advice that goes with them. Lena is often available on the shop floor for questions about which product would be best suited for your needs and for advice on quality. For a more in depth consulation with Lena to discuss any health concerns you can also book an appointment.


BaAPPHealth (Complementary med), DipClin.Herb.Med DipA.T.C.L, Accredited Natural Fertility Educator

Lena is a Natural Fertility Educator and current president of Natural Fertility New Zealand.

Lena can assist you with learning your unique cycle, understanding your fertility and using this information to either avoid or plan a conception.

Understanding your fertility can also be used to better manage reproductive conditions such as PCOS or endometriosis.



Are you looking for a more natural form of contraception, and one that doesn't require taking chemicals?

If so, Lena is an accredited Natural Fertility NZ Educator and can help. Natural Fertility NZ Educators are trained to teach women and their partners about the Sympto-Thermal Method of Natural Family Planning. Learn how to chart your cycle so you can naturally and effectively avoid conception. Lena will teach you everything you need to know to manage your fertility.


Lena can guide and support you on your fertility journey with confidential, personal instruction in a clinic setting or through our Distance Learning service.
Over two or more menstrual cycles Lena will give you detailed information about how to recognise, record and interpret your signs of fertility, so you can pinpoint the best time for intercourse or potentially highlight any fertility concerns such as anovulation (no ovulation).


Lena is an accredited Natural Fertility Educator and can teach you how to chart your cycle using the Symto-thermal method an effective, scientifically proven way to track your fertility. You will find out through charting when/if you ovulate, understand mucus and cervix changes throughout your cycle and when you are fertile in each cycle. This information can be used to understand and manage PMS. Highly recommended for young women wanting to understand their body.

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