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Cherice Baker


Cherice takes our face to face appointments in our clinic room

Tuesday 10-1pm, Wednesday 10-1pm, Thursday 10-11am

Lena Wells

BaAPPHealth (Complementary med), DipClin.Herb.Med DipA.T.C.L, Accredited Natural Fertility Educator 

Bookings for Lena our now closed until further notice as baby Max has arrived. Lena anticipates; all things going well she may be available again in November. 

Cherice, our other resident natural practitioner is available to help cover all your natural health needs in the interim

Windsor Health is unique, in that it is an extremely well stocked one stop shop, with qualified staff offering wellness, herbal, nutrition and fertility clinics. To book an appointment with one of our Natural Practitioner simply give us a call, visit us in the shop or use our online booking system above.