Sensible eating

We stand behind good old Southern common sense eating. That is your old tried and true..

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Eat Variety, eat seasonal, eat colour, eat your veges!!!

Eat good quality protein whether it be meat, eggs, fish, quality dairy, pulses, legumes, grains and beans to name a few or just the veg or vegan ones listed above. We all need lots of protein to run our body's, grow muscle, grow in general and repair and replace tissue in our body especially if we are healing. 

Eat good quality oils and fats like avocado, cold pressed oils, seeds nuts and oily fish. We can burn fat as fuel and we also use it to suppress and reduce inflammation and support brain and hormone health. 

Eat carbs, but make sure they are good ones. The less refined the better and generally the less white the better. Great carbs are starchy veges like pumpkin, carrots, potatoes, kumera, swedes (if you beat the sheep in southland to them), grains like a good muesli, rolled oats, kidney beans etc. And for people working physically or growing and using more carbs then we see no reason why some good quality bread and a little pasta can't be thrown in but be warned these will keep your body stacked with a lot of fuel that if you don't use will be laid down as fat!  

However there are times when the above just might not cut it for you ie. 

  • You are really struggling to loose weight and have other health concerns complicating weight loss (poor gut function or under active thyroid)
  • You have food allergies or intolerances where certain food trigger diarrhea, eczema, or more subtle symptoms like headaches and fatigue. While cutting out groups of foods is always best avoided in this case it can alleviate stress off your system until things are back under control. 
  • You are underweight and struggling to get enough nutrition in your body. This can be especially challenging if you also have eating or mental health challenges, cancer or cancer treatment causing nausea and ulcers, advanced age and diminishing appetite and digestion. 
  • You are pushing yourself to the max physically, menially or both. Your mouth can't possibly keep up with your out put and you need more. Sports people, shearers and new mums all struggle with this dilemma from time to time. 

In the above situations alternate diet options may be required to keep or get you back on track and protein supplements can be very helpful. 

Keto products that help push you into a state of ketosis or fat burning can help speed up weight loss as can a ketogenic diet. 

Cider vinegar can assist with improving digestion, reducing appetite, lifting potassium levels and boosting your metabolism so you are more inclined to loose weight when you also tick the diet and exercise boxes. 

Bone broths and collagen powders can help restore gut function, give you extra nutritious goodness to help you recover from illness or offer you a liquid alterative if you are not feeling up to drinking solids. 

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Sensible, normal food for anyone just wanting to pull themselves back on track for good health.