Protein Supplements

The Importance of Protein Supplements

Now, more than ever, a strong immune system is vital. One of the many weapons your body needs to maintain is a sufficient amount of amino acids, essential for bones, muscles, hormones, and enzymes. Protein is composed of amino acids. At Windsor Health, we offer a broad range of protein supplements to complement your arsenal.

Know Your Kale from Your Cow

Protein sources and supplements are plant or animal-based. Your choice of intake depends on the results required and your preferred diet. Do you want to gain or lose weight, become an Olympian or give your body a jumpstart? We offer plant protein and gold standard whey protein. Here are some tips to help you choose:

  • Why choose protein powder? Our product range includes this often naturally gluten-free option that builds and maintains muscle and supports endurance and recovery. So take note, aspiring and existing bodybuilders, male or female.
  • Plant-based protein. As the name suggests, we derive this source from plants and seeds, such as peas, hemp, pumpkins, and sunflowers. These powders digest fast and are allergen-free. It’s also the most natural choice for vegans and vegetarians, as well as the lactose-intolerant. Want to go green? Go plant-powered.
  • Whey protein. This protein comes from cow’s milk. Whey is the liquid separated from the solid curds when making cheese. If you can stomach dairy, whey powder offers more nutrients than plant protein. However, beware of the carb content if you want to lose weight.


Tips Regarding NZ Nutrition

Don’t be fooled by sheep that outnumber the NZ human population four to one. Many meat-eaters don’t consume enough protein. Vegans and vegetarians are even more prone to protein deficiencies if not careful. Below are some additional points to ponder:

  • Vulnerable groups. Growth spurts in adolescents demand extra protein for teenagers’ energy needs. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, keep this in mind: you are sustaining two bodies. Athletes and very active people burn more fuel than couch potatoes, and seriously ill or injured people require more protein for tissue repair.
  • Protein deficiency. Are you tired and achy all the time? Do you work out but struggle to pump it up? Is it difficult to concentrate or remember where the car keys are? These could all be signs of too little protein.
  • Did you know? Every cell in your body contains protein. There are four calories in one gram of protein. A hundred grams of crickets contain sixty grams of protein (fortunately, though, our supplements don’t have to be caught.) However, beware: too much protein might increase the risk of kidney stones and other health problems.

Why buy at Windsor Health?

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