Vitamin D Level

Vitamin D Level

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A vitamin D test will test your vitamin D status. 

We get vitamin D mainly from the sun as well as some from food or supplement sources. 

As we live so far south there is only very limited time throughout the year when the sun is intense enough for us to produce vitamin D. This is especially a concern for people with low sun exposure such as shift or office workers or those with darker skin. 

While supplementation has a great safety record for most people knowing your D level is very helpful for ensuring your levels are sufficient and for ensuring that your vitamin D supplement is being well absorbed. 

This blood test is done through our local community labs and the lab fee is paid through the EFTPOS facility at Don Street lab. We charge a consult fee to ensure this test is necessary and to cover our time to contact you explain your results. If the result could be improved through diet or suppleemtnation we can help guide you with this. We can also refer you back to your GP should we have any further concerns. 

Fee you will pay at Don Street Lab $53.50

Fee for consult $20

Private Testing: We endeavor to offer this testing service to our patients to eliminate the unnecessary supplementation of health concerns or the continued supplementation of health concerns which may have been resolved. This reduces the risk of overdosing on vitamins and minerals you may or may not require. Please note we are not medical doctors and as such we are not in any way able to diagnose serious medical conditions. If you have health concerns we recommend you visit your GP. If any test results come back outside of normal we recommend booking an appointment to discuss this with your GP.