Viralex Lysine Ointment

Viralex Lysine Ointment

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Apply as often as required, increasing applications when extra nourishment is needed.


Goodhealth Viralex® Lysine is a potent formulation of nourishing herbs combined with lysine and zinc to naturally protect and soothe the lips during the recovery process.

Viralex® Lysine Ointment is a nourishing treatment for lip health containing lysine and zinc combined with potent herbs, to naturally protect and soothe dry and cracked lips. 

Viralex® Lysine ointment can be used long term for everyday support and maintenance. 



  • Helps maintain and nourish lips during times of stress
  • Protects and soothes the lips
  • Supports long term lip health
  • Can be used long term for everyday support

Zinc oxide
Tea Tree leaf oil
Goldenseal root extract
Olive Leaf extract
St Johns Wort extract
Olive oil
Jojoba Seed Oil
Shea Butter
Sesame Seed Oil


Not suitable in pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Contains beeswax and sesame