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There is about a kilogram of different types of bacteria lining your small intestine. These bacteria are necessary to convert and break down your food so it can be used in your body. If any of these strains of bacteria are missing, various kinds of foods will not be digested properly. This causes gluten and dairy allergies and numerous other health or digestive problems.

Our new improved Probiotic Multi 9 contains the nine most important live bacteria that tend to be missing in our intestines. Once in your small intestine, these bacteria recolonise and multiply, just like plants in a garden. If any of these bacteria were missing, the improvement in your health and ability to digest all types of foods can be dramatic.

Food preservatives and antibiotics are like weed-killer

Intestinal bacteria are destroyed by food preservatives and antibiotics (which are fully intended to kill bacteria). But they kill both good and bad bacteria indiscriminately, just like weed-killer destroys plant life.

New 'Capsule in a Capsule' technology - no refrigeration or coating needed

To make our Probiotic Multi 9 more effective, we now use an exceptional breakthrough in capsulation we call 'Capsule in a Capsule'. This process was developed by a leading American Pharmaceutical firm. Health House is the first company in the Southern Hemisphere to use this new technology for probiotics.

In this process, the delicate, living probiotic bacteria are enclosed in a small inner capsule, made not from regular gelatin (which unless refrigerated, can activate the bacteria prematurely) but from a super dry, plant sourced material called HPMC which actually repels moisture.

This small HPMC capsule containing the probiotics is then placed inside another regular size HPMC capsule, which is filled with a liquid plant sugar, similar to honey, that promotes the growth of intestinal bacteria. This is known as a pre-biotic and also completely seals the inner probiotic capsule. It later provides nourishment for the probiotics when the capsules open in your intestines.

Dissolves in your intestines not your stomach

Another big advantage of super dry HPMC capsules, over regular gelatin capsules, is that they do not dissolve in your stomach acid. They dissolve over several hours in the lower pH environment of your small intestine. Scientific testing has verified this.

So 'Capsule in a Capsule' technology overcomes both the need for refrigeration and the need for enteric (acid resistant) coating of gelatin capsules to prevent the probiotics from being destroyed by stomach acid.

Optimum health begins in your bowel

Healthy, live, probiotic bacteria in your small intestine are absolutely essential for optimum health. Health begins and ends in your bowel.


Your small intestine, where these useful probiotic bacteria live, is located just below your stomach. It is about seven metres long and the convoluted, internal area is enormous - about the size of a tennis court if it was spread out flat. It contains about a kilogram of bacteria.

When all the required strains of healthy bacteria are present and in balance, your small intestine is able to fully extract all the minerals and vitamins from all kinds of food as it passes through. You should be able to eat any common food, wheat, milk and eggs without allergic reactions.

Health problems can simply vanish when all strains of healthy bacteria in your intestines are present and balanced.

Huge potential health benefits

If you have never taken probiotics before, you may not realise just how energetic you can feel and how clear your mind can be, as a result of a properly working digestive system. Below are some common benefits reported:

  • Greatly improved digestion of all foods
  • Excellent mineral and vitamin absorption
  • All food energy released into your blood and cells
  • Superior immunity
  • Regular healthy daily bowel movements
  • Protection from overseas bacteria
  • No more excessive wind or digestive upsets