Pet-Med Distress Spray

Pet-Med Distress Spray

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Pet-Med Distress

Naturo Pharms Pet-Med Distress is carefully formulated to support pet during stressful events of changes in their lives.


Supporting pet during times of stress, anxiety and fear. Has calming, settling properties.



Oral Spray

Acute: 2 Sprays every 15 minutes for up to 6 doses.

Chronic: 2 Sprays 3 times a day until symptoms improve.


Dosage tips


The spray form is easy to administer and has a fast absorption rate, but we all know administering medicines to pets can be tricky. Firstly try lifting the side of the lip and spraying directly into the mouth. Alternatively spray into a spoon of water and place or syringe into the mouth. If all else fails spray onto a treat or add to their water bowl.


Glycerine is a bit sticky - so give the nozzle a wipe after application.


Pet-Med Distress contains the homoeopathic remedies Aconite, Argentum Nit, Borax, Gelsemium, Kali Phos, Scuttelaria in an alcohol-free glycerine and purified water base.

Suggested Companion Products and Advice


A bit of stress is natural and vital, but when it becomes intense, recurrent or chronic, it will start affecting your pets health. There are many situations that could trigger stress in your pet like a new addition to the family, moving homes, loss of a family member, a trip to the vet or kennels/cattery and loud noises like thunder or fireworks.


Pets have little control over what happens around them, so often get scared or anxious during times of uncertainty. They may react by getting aggressive, hiding away, signs of fidgeting like licking and paw raising or simply freezing on the spot.