Minty Spring - 30 Teabags

Minty Spring - 30 Teabags

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Minty Spring is a unique blend of herbs, fortified with L-glutamine; a refreshing tea to be enjoyed by young and old, to feel revitalised after a great 'time out', or just simply enjoyed in a relaxing setting. 

Active Ingredients:

Peppermint leaf (Mentha piperita), Spearmint leaf (Mentha spicata), Ginkgo leaf (Ginkgo biloba), Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Fructose, L-Glutamine 100mg*, Ginger root (Zingiber officinale), Ginseng root (Panax ginseng). (* per teabag).


Infuse 1-2 teabags in very hot water (not boiling) for 2-10 minutes before drinking to fully capture the flavour and herbal benefits.
Use up to three times daily.
Add honey to sweeten if desired.
Best without milk.
Minty Spring is refreshing hot or cold as an iced tea or cocktail.