Mens Roar Gift Set

Mens Roar Gift Set

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This gorgeous gift pack includes :

ROAR Men’s Talcum Powder – Original Green Tea Fragrance 130gm

This luxury powder will help keep you feeling fresh and dry during the day, providing protection against sweat, chafing and odour. It not only absorbs moisture but will also soothe and relieve dry and irritated skin.


ROAR Men’s Soap – Baytree Spice 150gm

This soap is great at removing dirt and stains from the skin. With Macadamia Shell (natural exfoliate) it will leave skin cleansed and smooth with an intoxicating fragrance. It is long-lasting and glycerine based.

ROAR Men’s Moisturising Balm – Baytree Spice 150gm

Natural alternative to creams and lotions. Our highly concentrated solid balm will nourish, moisturise and repair dry & damaged skin. Safe to use head to toe, will leave skin fragrant. Also helps restore the vibrancy of tattoos.