MagicT Hibiscus & Cinnamon 60gm Glass Jar

MagicT Hibiscus & Cinnamon 60gm Glass Jar

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Hibiscus has been a symbol of delicate beauty from Goddess Kali in India to the love story of Adonis and Aphrodite in Greece. In Victorian times, to be given a hibiscus showed that the giver had acknowledged the receiver’s delicate beauty.

In this blend, the beauty is 100% hibiscus and cinnamon and naturally occurring electrolytes in the cup. There is so much depth of flavour, with a rich berry taste that leaves the finish lingering long after the mouthful has gone.

This blend is a deep-red sweet-tangy elixir that’s flavourful hot or cold. In hot seasons, drinking hibiscus tea is necessary to quench your thirst. This tea makes the body sweat, and by doing so, lowers the body temperature and causes you to cool down.

We keep pure dried hibiscus flowers in a whole leaf shape. Cinnamon is hand crushed, and a heart-warming touch of it makes the blend a perfect balance to restore body and soul.

Ingredients:  Hibiscus and Cinnamon