Madeleine Ritchie Royal Jelly  Skincare 18+ Soap

Madeleine Ritchie Royal Jelly Skincare 18+ Soap

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HEALING ACTIVE MANUKA HONEY is the key ingredient in Madeleine Ritchie skincare. Honey contains healing and rejuvenating properties and is a natural moisturizer. Active Manuka Honey from New Zealand has been shown to have the highest levels of antibacterial activity.

KEY NATURAL INGREDIENTS combine to promote immediate conditioning and softening of the skin. Rich in soothing, anti-bacterial agents that provides fast relief and moisture for all skin types, it may be used anytime to hydrate, soften and heal.

Madeleine Ritchie Manuka Honey Skincare Soap contains:

Certified Active Manuka Honey
Evening Primrose Oil
Calendula Oil

Contains Fragrance

Madeleine Ritchie skincare is pure and natural and free from parabens

ROYAL JELLY SKINCARE SOAP: This unique beauty bar has been specially developed for all skin types. New Zealand Manuka Honey renowned for its healing, antibiotic and antiseptic qualities have been combined with Evening Primrose Oil and Calendula Oils to enrich and promote Skin Health. This beautiful soap has excellent cleansing properties is gentle and brings a softness to the skin. It is suitable for the face and body. It provides the the ultimate skin feel.

THE WORLD’S ORIGINAL HONEY SKIN CARE CREAM. The products were first developed in the Spa town of Royal Tunbridge Wells, England in 1963. In 1982, when Madeleine emigrated to New Zealand she continued the development of the products using local honey and botanicals.

THE WORLD’S FIRST MANUKA HONEY SKIN CARE CREAM. Created by Madeleine Ritchie in 1988 in Auckland, New Zealand. The Skin Health range becomes Madeleine’s defining iconic product.