Harker Panacea Tonic

Harker Panacea Tonic

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Formula 1029 Panacea Tonic

A vital anodyne for supporting good health and wellness.

This product has been renamed to Panacea Tonic from Elixae Vitae

After customer demand, 1029 Panacea Tonic has been back on the market since late 2008. A vital anodyne for good health and wellness, 1029 Panacea Tonic may be used in combination with two to three other tonics, most especially 825 Intestinal Cleanse. Although not a cure for any disease state - the rich combination of healing herbs supports wellness in a number of ways. For chronic ill health, use 825 Intestinal Cleanse and 1029 Panacea Tonic together in the smallest dosage, and drink plenty of fresh New Zealand spring water to flush toxins.