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One scoop (10g) a day mixed with your favourite liquid



Say hello to Nuzest Good Green Vitality – the new look Good Green Stuff! Good Green Stuff has a new name, improved formula and a stylish new look. With the same great taste and more than 75 high-quality vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients designed to help you look good, feel good, defend and thrive, it’s still just as easy to be healthy with Good Green Vitality.

Made with real food, providing all-in-one nutritional support, free from all common allergens and containing absolutely zero bad stuff, Good Green Vitality is naturally good, easy-to-use, incredibly delicious and perfect for all members of the family.

Modern lifestyle stresses and environment means that despite best efforts to look after ourselves, our bodies need a little extra TLC to enjoy optimal health. That’s why Nuzest reformulated Good Green Stuff – to bring more of what our bodies need most to keep up with todays hectic lifestyle.The refreshed and rejuvenated formula now includes more vitamins, minerals and vital nutrients to further support digestion, immunity, healthy ageing, stress management, energy and cognition.

From children to the elderly and busy mums to pro-athletes, Good Green Vitality is the go-to daily supplement that has everything you need to revitalise, optimise and thrive.

 Nutrition Information per serving 10g
 Energy 137kJ (33Cal)
 Protein 2.2g
  - gluten 0.0g
 Fat, total 0.8g
  - saturated 0.2g
 Carbohydrates, total 3.2g
  - sugars 1.2g
Dietary fibre 1.8g
Sodium 40mg





  • Supports immunity, energy, digestion, mood and well-being
  • Includes 75 ingredients, 24 vitamins and minerals, 20 plants foods and 8 billion probiotics
  • 100% vegan with vitamin D, calcium and iodine
  • Nothing bad, nothing GMO, nothing artificial and no nasty chemicals
  • Suitable for everyone from 4 years and up
 Protein, Fruit and Vegetables  
 Apple 1000mg
 Pea Protein isolate 740mg
 Apple pectin 250mg
 Acerola cherry juice* 200mg
 Beetroot 200mg
 Billberry fruit* 200mg
 Broccoli sprout 200mg
 Spinach 150mg
 Carrot 100mg
 Papaya 100mg
 Goji Berry fruit 50mg
 Hawthorn fruit 50mg
 Natural Flavours   
 Natural Vanilla  
 Natural Pineapple  
 Stevia leaf extract  
 Neural Blend  
 Ashwaganda root extract* 80 mg
 Gotu Kola extract* 100 mg
 Lecithin 500 mg
 Panex Ginseng root*  100 mg
 Rhodiola 100mg
 Rosemary leaf* 100 mg
 Green tea leaf 200mg
 Immune Support  
 Turmeric* 200 mg
 Astragalus root extract* 80 mg
 Beta Glucans 25 mg
 Ginger 80 mg
 Shitake Mushroom 30 mg
 Vitamins and Minerals  
 Biotin 300mcg
 Calcium 165 mg
 Chromium picolinate 40 mcg
 Copper gluconate 0.6 mg
 Magnesium 100mg
 Manganese 2 mg
 Iodine 150 mcg
 Selenium 70 mcg
 Potassium 119 mg
 Vitamin A 820 mcg
 Vitamin B1 4 mg
 Vitamin B2 4 mg
 Vitamin B3 20 mg
 Vitamin B5  10 mg
 Vitamin B6 8 mg
 Vitamin B12 100 mcg
 Vitamin C 300 mg
 Vitamin E 15 mg TE
 Vitamin K2 80 mcg
 Zinc  12 mg
 Stomach and Digestive Blend  
 Bifidobacterium Bifidum†  3.0 billion
 Lactobacillus Acidophilus† 5.0 billion
 Aloe Vera leaf* 1,000 mg
 Bromelain 60 mg
 Psyllium Husk 200mg
 Flaxseed 600mg
 Dandelion whole plant extract* 50 mg
 Globe Artichoke extract 500mg
 Slippery Elm bark 30 mg
 Milk Thistle seed Extract* 100 mg
 Licorice Root 70mg
 Citric Acid 250 mg
 Cirtus bioflavonoids 250 mg
 Grape seed* 250 mg
 Rosehip fruit* 200mg
 Cacao bean polyphenols 100mg
 R,S alpha-lipoic acid 70 mg
 Resveratrol 55 mg
 CoQ10 20 mg
 Dunaliella salina 8 mg
 Organic Spirulina 800 mg
 Red marine algae  485 mg
 Organic Barley grass 250 mg
 Organic Wheatgrass 250 mg
 Organic Chlorella  200 mg
 Kelp  190 mg
 †Non-dairy probiotic  

 *Extract equiv.