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Enjoy a Cup of Herbal Tea and Stay Healthy

With its high quantity of antioxidants, drinking tea has become a popular drink among those who want to stay healthy. To boost your healthy living lifestyle, consider the switch from regular tea to herbal tea. Many herbal teas come with health benefits such as decrease in inflammation, reduced anxiety and insomnia. While people are more familiar with camomile and green teas, there are many more types available nowadays. At Windsor Health, we stock all types of tasty teas for you to enjoy and offer herbal remedies for all sorts of ailments.

What You Should Know About Pukka Tea

Pukka tea is 100 percent organic, from the tea bag to the ingredients used to make the teas delicious and healthy. Over the years, these types of teas have become popular with tea drinkers for their natural health properties and variety of flavours. Here is what you need to know about Pukka teas.

  • Free of caffeine. If you battle to sleep, you won’t want to consume liquids that contain caffeine. Pukka teas are 100 percent caffeine-free and can be consumed all day without disrupting your sleep.
  • Suitable for vegetarians. All our products are 100 percent vegetarian-friendly, many of our teas are also suitable for vegans. Read the labels to find the right tea for your dietary choices.
  • Safe to drink daily. While many people may be concerned that drinking herbal teas throughout the day may disrupt their bodies, Pukka teas are safe for you to consume all day.


Benefits of Drinking a Detox Tea

If you are looking for a natural way to cleanse your body of toxins, consider switching from your regular daily cuppa for a detox tea. This tea acts as a natural diuretic and laxative, expelling unwanted chemicals from your body and leaving you feeling and looking healthier. Here are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy when you make the switch:

  • Assists with weight loss. The vitamins and antioxidants in detox teas assist with weight loss as it increases the functionality of your metabolism.
  • Increases your immune system. The combination of herbs in detox teas boosts your immune system, keeping your body healthy.
  • Helps with digestion. Through the natural cleanse of this tea, your digestive system is improved, and you’ll find toxins are easily released from your body.

Why Trust Windsor Health When It Comes to Sleepy Time Tea

For more than four decades Windsor Health has been providing the community with the best herbal teas, including sleepy time tea, to boost their health and intake of antioxidants. In 2015 the business was taken over by Lena Wells, who is a qualified clinical herbalist, and knowledgeable in all types of teas. We stock all types of herbal remedies, healthy foods, vitamins, and natural skincare products, and cosmetics. If you are unhappy with your product, you can return the package unopened, and we will exchange it or offer you a refund.

For more information about the products we stock, contact us today to book an appointment and take the first step to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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