Wendy's Rich Fruit Cake- Sugar and Gluten Free

Rich Fruit Cake- Sugar and Gluten Free
2.8 kg Mixed fruit and nuts –your choice – I would choose a mix as follows.You can add chopped apricots, pineapple or other nuts such as pecan.
400 gm sultanas
400 gm currants
400 gm raisins
400 gm chopped dates
400 gm mixed glaced peel
400 gm red and green glace cherries
400 gm mixed xmas nuts
1/2 cup whiskey or brandy optional
1/2 cup pure apple juice
1/2 cup pure orange juice
500 gm almond meal
200 gm rice flour
Few grinds of rock salt
2tsp cinnamon
2tsp ginger
1 tsp nutmeg
1 tbsp pure cocoa
450 gm butter
2 tbsp honey
9 eggs
Prepare the cake tin by lining with paper. I give a spray of olive oil to keep the papers in place. This is a large cake so I use a round tin 36 cm in diameter but a large square tin is fine as well. If it is a smaller tin you will need to adjust the cooking time as the cake will be deeper and take longer to cook. I use two layers of baking paper to keep it from getting too dark.
Place the fruit in a large bowl and add the chopped nuts. Pour over the whiskey, apple and orange juice and give a good stir and allow the fruit to soak for a good 24 hours. Just add extra juice if you prefer to leave out the whiskey.
When you are ready to make the cake, place in a bowl the flour, spices, salt and cocoa. Give a whisk to ensure no lumps and mix, then add 1/2 the dry ingredients to the fruit.
Soften the butter and beat till creamy then add the honey. Beat till well mixed and add the eggs very slowly one at a time. Now gradually beat in the dry ingredients. Add both fruit mix and batter together in a very large bowl and mix well. If you think it a little moist add a little more flour and if you think it too stiff you can add a little milk or orange juice.
Turn into baking tin and brush the top with a little water to keep it from getting too dark.
Place in oven at 160 deg C. After about 45- 60 mins I add 2 layers of paper to the top to keep from drying out. Cook for approx 3 hours but do keep a good eye on it as time passes so you remove it from the oven when nicely cooked. I check it with an old metal fine knitting needle in the middle to see if it is cooked. Leave the cake to cool in the tin before removing.
Happy Christmas and Happy Tummies!