Balm recipe

Salves and balms create a great barrier on the skin locking in moisture, protecting delicate or damaged skin. 

Great for example on babies bums to protect the delicate skin from poo and wee or on the chin and neck to protect from dribble. Likewise in adults, these can be used as anti-chaff, great on heels and very dry hands, lips and very protecting on things like burns and ulcers. They tend to sit on the skin longer than a cream so can be more medicinal. 

This recipe can be doubled for larger quantities
• 3 tablespoons herb-infused oil (you could use just 1 infused oils or 1 tablespoon each of 3 different ones)
• 115ml olive oil
• 1 tablespoon manuka honey or alternate oil, butter such as shea or cocoa. 
• 1 tablespoon beeswax
• 5 drops essential oil. Optional but adds a fragrance and helps the balm to keep longer. 

Ideas for herb-infused oil to use for various different balms

  • lemon balm for cold sores
  • Rosemary, ginger and black pepper for sore stiff joints
  • Calendula, nettle, borage for eczema 
  • Thyme, echinacea root, rosemary for infections such as athletes foot, school sores
  • Chickweed to soothe itchy complaints