Why you should use a Natural Toothpaste!

Natural Toothpastes have a lot to offer 
They allow you to get away from nasty chemical ingredients which may be harsh on your body, the environment and your gums.
Great for children as you avoid chemicals in their delicate systems. SLS free toothpastes may reduce the incidence of oral ulcers after some cancer treatments. Dr organic toothpastes also offer options that are animal friendly and therefore suitable for vegetarians and some for vegans. 
Brands we carry are Dr Organic, Red Seal, Spry, Weleda, Thursday Plantation, Jack and Jill. We also stock bamboo toothbrushes, natural rubber soothers and natural mouth washes!
No Harsh Chemicals

Natural ingredients are used in all formulations.

No Animal Ingredients

All our products are suitable for vegetarians. In some ranges we used by-products from animals, these include; honey, royal jelly, propolis and bees wax.

No Animal Testing

Our products are always tested on human volunteers to ensure they are completely safe and effective. No animal tests are ever performed on finished products or raw materials.

No Mineral Oils

Petro-chemicals such as paraffin and petroleum are avoided, plant-based oils and extracts are used.

No GM Ingredients

Genetically modified or genetically engineered organisms are avoided to ensure all formulations are as natural as possible.


Where necessary preservatives are used to guarantee product safety and shelf-life. Only the highest-grade, naturally-derived preservatives are used.