What is the Vitamin C for Me?

Oh my ... there are sooo many options

Why should I take vitamin C?

Vitamin C encourages our bodies to increase the number of white blood cells and improves their function. White blood cells are very important for detecting and attacking invading infections into our bodies. So

Vitamin C in basic terms vitamin C is like the nutrient that increases the number of soliders we have on hand to fight in our battles and improves how well they aim!

Firstly are you choosing a C for a child under 2? 

Yes.. Very small doses of a powder such as Ethical Nutrients C powder may be appropriate but check with one of our practitioners first. 

Are the big enough to safely chew a tablet? 

Yes.. Sandersons offer several options in low dose chewables, Nutralife offer a kids powder and a chewable. Half an ethical nutrients zingle chewable may be ok too for the bigger kids.

Are the quite big and cheeky and they can talk back and are nearly as tall as you?? 

Yes..Ethical nutrients chewable zingles are a great option as they are sweetened naturally as so not bad for teeth. The quality of the ingredients is also very good. 

At this age Lypospheric Vitamin C is also a great high dose option esp where there has been chronic fatigue, glandular fever or a lot of illness. 

For an adult ?

Yes.. Would you prefer a chewable or a swallowable?

Chewables.. Sanderson 1150mg chewables $35 or for sensitive tummies the buffered Nutralife 1000mg ester-C, vit D and echinacea chewable $62.90.

Swallowable.. Go Healthy 1200mg capsule usually $44.90 now only $29.90, Buffered option for delicate tummies Nutralife ester c tablets in varying strengths. 

The Mercedes of Vitamin C - Great for when you need the absolute strongest and best

Lypospheric C $56.90 for 30 sachets which you mix in a little water and swallow. Don't fuss over the flavour of the texture if you're taking this your body needs the extra soliders so suck it up and gulp it down!