The mineral I get accused of using to treat everything! In fairness magnesium is involved in nearly every process in our bodies so a lack of it can cause a multitude of health issues. Even if a magnesium def. isn't the root cause of a problem like period pain it still tends to improve the symptoms if you take it. Magnesium is used in the contraction and relaxation of muscles. If we lack it we tend to get cramps, sore achy, tight muscles. It can also help with sleep and relaxing the mind. You go through more magnesium if you are more active physically or mentally (incl. being stressed with family or work). Getting enough magnesium through our diet is very challenging esp as we lead such busy lives these days. If you overdose it has a laxative effect so you know if you have gone too far. Otherwise magnesium is very safe to use. Good for growing pains, stress, learning difficulties in children and teens. I suggest very active teens supplement with it to keep their levels up rather than getting deficient. Magnesium comes in heaps of different forms which vary in their absorbability. I like ethical nutrients magnesium powder as you can adjust the dose for everyone in the family and it is a very good type of magnesium.


Echinacea is a firm favourite for boosting and modulating immune systems. It can be used to boost your immune system to help prevent illness from viruses/bacteria such as colds and the flu but it can also be used to modulate... Allergies like hay fever, food allergies etc occur when the immune system becomes over-reactive to things it shouldn't. Echinacea has a modulating effect on the immune system by regulating the number of reactive white blood cells we have. You can get echinacea as a liquid, tablet, capsule, spray or homeopathic (very diluted version). The kiwiherb kids echinacea can be used from 0 up and tastes pretty good. Remember a sign of quality echincea is a tingly sensation and as kiwiherb use very good quality you do get a lot of tingling! Try breaking the dose up into smaller quantities and diluting it further to make it less intense.

Kid's Calm from Kiwiherb

This is a really handy product if you have little ones (so is their whole range esp. the echinacea for little immune systems!) This is pure, high quality chamomile in a glycerine base with natural strawberry and blackcurrant flavouring. It is pretty palatable even for fussy chickens! If you have a really fussy one then try mixing it with Barkers fruit syrup cordial (sugar free one if possible but better to get it in than not get it in). This would be a handy chamomile for travelling, keeping at randparents houses etc. rather than having to make your chamomile tea up. It is also stronger than the tea. You can use this from new born up (just follow the instructions on the side and syringe in). Great for travel sickness, upset tummies, anxious tummies and minds, teething, calming babies and children that wont sleep, night terrors etc.


Most people have heard of arnica. It can be used internally or externally for bruising, pain and inflammation. It may be used to assist with recovery after childbirth, as a cream or ointment on sprains, and any trauma. Shouldn't be used on open wounds. Caution should be used when giving it to babies and young children (consult your health professional).


Electrolytes are essential to keep us feeling hydrated and healthy. Our body needs to keep these at adequate levels and finds this difficult if we are undertaking high intensity exercise, sweating or feverish, sick with a bad flu or have vomiting and/or diarrhoea. A simple Electrolyte drop is handy to have on hand and has no nasty sweeteners/additives.

Slippery Elm

Slipper Elm Powder is a powdered bark. It is a lovely soothing, anti-inflammatory powder which can be used to soothe upset tummies, re flux, ulcers, stressed/anxious stomachs, and to repair digestive systems that have been damaged by infections, food poisoning or stripped out by medications. When taken internally (mixed with honey, porridge, added to yogurt or stewed fruit) it will help calm and heal from the mouth all the way through the digestive tract. Slippery elm can also be used externally on wounds as a poultice to heal and soothe. A handy thing to have in the cupboard. I like to add it to smoothies and mix it into foods occasionally as digestive maintenance at about 1/2 tsp per person. I would go up to 1/4-1/2 tsp morning and night for little ones that need some extra help either during or just after illness (like diarrhoea or vomiting)

Chamomile Flowers

A versatile flower that can be grown yourself in the garden or purchased from Windsor health in big bags, dried.

Chamomile flowers are calming for the brain and stomach. They can be steeped in boiling water from the kettle for 10-15mins to make a strong decoction /tea. Your decoction can then be drunk warm as a warm wind down tea before bed, exams, starting school or kindy for adults or kids or after a tummy bug or alternatively you can let it cool down and use it cold added to smoothies, yoghurt, juice, or syringed gently in 1ml doses for babies (check with your health practitioner first before using in under 1 yr olds). Chamomile can also be used a little like slippery elm for upset tummies and reflux as it calms over excited nerves that can simulate delicate tummies.

An anti-flam Cystitis Tea (inflammted urinary system)

This is mainly for the mums but can be used for children and men if required.

I would recommend buying a premixed tea from Artemis (kidney Tea) or you can alternatively make your own by mixing up the economical individual dried teas from Morlife. (Couchgrass and Bearberry-potent anti-bacterial herbs ( but not for during pregnancy or breastfeeding), cornsilk (can actually harvest your own if you grown corn), licorice, chamomile, calendula and marshmellow are all safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding (not licorice if you have high blood pressure). This tea can be drunk to sooth a sore, uncomfortable, inflammed urinary system which could be due to things like child birth or an infection. I would drink 3-4 x day a good 1-2 cups each time of a nice strong brew. Make sure you see your health professional if your symptoms do not improve or you get feverish or back pain which might indicate a kidney infection and needs to be quickly treated. This tea is handy to have on hand as things like urinary tract infections can progress quickly and you need to treat them right when you first get a hint of discomfort if you want to flush them out. A probiotic is also a great idea!