Magic Vagina Spray -for after baby

Mix all the ingredients below into a spray bottle and shake well every time before use as it may settle a little

  • 1 bottle-Witch hazel - home essential or herb haven brand. Soothing and anti-inflammatory.

  • 100mls-Aloe vera- Sukin is my preferred brand (most pure), soothing and cooling. Feels Divine.

  • 3tsp- Colloidal silver could be colloidal silver company, skybright or health house. Anti bacterial and healing

  • 4 drops lavender oil (preservative and antibacterial - will sting if you add too much) herb heaven, Thursday plantation, NZ lavender or absolute essential (organic) are all great options

  • 20mls- Comfrey as tincture ( needs requested through our herb list just email me on to place request $10 20 mls ) Comfrey is a herb that accelerates healing.

  • 20mls (or drop dose on bottle if homeopathic) Arnica as tincture or homeopathic or any other arnica like gel or spray from Weleda could be added. Healing, soothing and anti inflammatory.

Add all the above to a spray bottle and than shake ( don’t induce labour by over shaking 😂).

This can be sprayed direct on areas that need soothing, cooling and healing. Be aware that this may sting on open wounds (generally the recommendation is to apply nothing to open wounds or where there are fresh stitches so check with your midwife-you may find you can carefully dab it around non open areas for some relief (being able to wee without crying is sometimes worth the risk :))).

This mix can also be sprayed generously onto maternity pads so they are well moistened and then they can be frozen in advance they are lovely and cool when you need them. If you are super clever you will freeze them wrapped around something round so they are a lovely shape for undies when you take them out of freeze. Mine didn't go stiff enough for it to matter as I didn't make them that wet.

Wishing you speedy healing and happy vaginas

Lena x