Breastfeeding Support

In a perfect world we would get everything we needed from our food and we would be bouncing off the walls producing just the perfect quantity of milk for bubs!

Having a little faith and a positive, confident attitude that everything will fall into place and we are built for this task is always a great place to start and if everything is falling into place just fine then don't feel you need to supplement!

However sometimes we get tired, sick, rundown or we just need a little help to boost things along and that's super ok too. When breastfeeding it is important to make sure anything your taking is going to be safe for baby and for milk supply so qualified advice and quality supplements are essential.

The following is a guide only, you should check with your midwife/lactation consultant/qualified health practitioner before implementing any changes to your diet and adding in supplements. I am also available for one-on-one quick fire questions through our website chat or Facebook page. Alternatively you can also book a phone appointment for more detailed assistance.

General Support

  • Magnesium Powder -The ethical nutrients magnesium powder is fantastic for energy, improved sleep(without sedating)

  • B complex such as go healthy, very good for energy and stress management

  • Extra protein for nice slow release energy ie. Nuts and seeds, bliss balls a protein smoothie can be a nice way to build yourself up, maintain weight and energy and ensure you have plenty of resources for making milk. Ingredients that work well are... Protein powder (Natava Vanilla dairy based whey is great or as a dairy free option Vital protein from gold pea also available in vanilla)., throw in your magnesium powder, vanilla essence or cocao, banana, brewers yeast for natural bs

Tired/stresssed mums

  • Magnesium for calming and energy

  • B vitamins for energy and stress management

  • Chamomile as a tea or as a stronger option, a tincture

  • Check your iron levels (not just ok, you need plenty you are working hard!) High absorption and low constipation are key. I would suggest the amino acid form from ethical nutrients.

  • Good quality food is key. After birth your digestive system may be feeling a bit knocked around while everything resettles so soups and casseroles that are well cooked and easy to digest are great options.

  • Really stressed/anxious/depressed? Your core nutrients like magnesium and b vitamins can help a lot but its a great time to seek assistance and support from a few health professionals to make sure you are set back in balance. I would always suggest a check in with your primary health carer ie. GP as well as our natural practitioner like myself.

Windy Babies/Low or high milk supply

This is just such a tough one. Beware babies do cry! They are born with tiny, tiny, underdeveloped digestive systems that take time to adjust to the new reality of processing milk. Its a common thing to try and fix something that may in fact not be broke and this costs time, money and exasperation. Take time to let things possibly sort themselves and remember that a relaxed mum is a great thing (as evasive as that may sometimes seem).

If nothing is settling with time and baby seems uncomfortable and you've had it checked by your specialist and lactation consultant (had tongue tie, latching and feeding routine checked) then here are some things worth trying.

  • Fennel or fenugreek tablets which mum takes. These are great for wind issues and help baby to pass the wind out. Also both assist with increasing milk supply.

  • Homeopathic options which are lovely and safe and can be very effective. Such as Naturopharm colic baby spray, milk flow etc.

  • Probiotics for baby (these aren't passed onto baby during breastfeeding so need to be given direct to baby). Great for windy babies that may have allergies.

  • Rhugar, gripe water or chamomile liquid from Kiwiherb are all options you can give to baby to release wind and support digestion.

  • Weleda breastfeeding tea bags or Artemis loose leaf breastfeeding teas are both options for increasing milk supply

Any questions don't hesitate to contact me via Facebook, email or phone

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