Weleda Quartz Drawing Paste

Weleda Quartz Drawing Paste

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Weleda Quartz Drawing Paste can be used to draw (clean) any infected wound, eg. boils, abscesses, splinters.

Each 1gm Contains:

Liquid dried into powder:
Tinc equiv fresh juice;
Calendula officianalis flower 7.9mg
Echinacea 9mg
Tinc equiv dry;
Arnica montana flower 2.1mg
Arnica montana root 200mcg
Peppermint oil 10mg
Eucalyptus oil 10mg
Rosemary oil 5mg
Quartz 500mcg
Glycerol 525mg
Heavy kaolin 449.5mg


Apply thickly over affected area and cover with a bandage. Change the dressing twice daily.
Or as directed by your health care professional.


  • For external use only.