Urox Junior Bladder Control  30 caps
Urox Junior Bladder Control  30 caps

Urox Junior Bladder Control 30 caps

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Nocturnal enuresis or bedwetting affects many children (over age 5) who have achieved daytime dryness with potty-training.  Night time bladder control is considered the last stage of potty-training and can take some children a little more time to master.

The National Sleep Foundation estimates:

  • 10% of children wet the bed
  • 13 – 20% of 5-year-old children
  • 10% of  7-year-olds
  • 5% of 10-year-old children still wet the bed (who are more likely to have emotional problems)

In an effort to help children embarrassed by extended bedwetting and assist families through a successful  potty-training period, Seipel Group formulated Urox® Junior, which is our Urox® formula in a dosage ideal for children. Bladder strengthening results are typically seen within one month of use and once benefits achieved, long term use is generally not required.

 Urox® Junior helps to:

  • Strengthen bladder control
  • Reduce urinary frequency and bladder accidents
  • Promote a dry night’s sleep
  • Control bedwetting

Dosage: Suggested Use: For children weighing between 20-40kg 1 capsule per day. For children weighing above 40 kg, 2 capsules per day.

Capsules can be swallowed whole, or twisted and pulled apart and the powdered contents added to cold or room temperature beverages, cereal or foods. for best results use for at least 2 months.