Ultimate Herbal Detox Programme

Ultimate Herbal Detox Programme

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Take up to 40 capsules daily for two weeks


You've found quite possibly the most comprehensive "Do it Yourself" Herbal Detox Program in the world, with over 100,000 programs sold in more than 45 countries. 

24 herbs are combined into 480 capsules within 4 unique products. Brett Elliott's Ultimate Herbal DETOX program is New Zealand's most popular detox program. It includes a full detox diet plan, with detox recipes, and online Live Chat support. Maybe it's time to give your body everything it needs for a fresh start? 



  • Complete inner body cleanse
  • Encourage healthy blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar
  • Manage your weight
  • Encourage removal of parasites and heavy metals 


Psyllium seed husk
Cascara bark
Wormwood bark
Black Walnut green hulls
Fennel seed
Turkish rhubarb root
Slippery Elm bark
Cloves bud
Peppermint leaf
Pineapple extract (Bromelain)
Papaya extract (Papain)
Kiwifruit whole fruit
Ginger rhizome
Cayenne fruit
Licorice root
Psyllium seed husk
Chia seed
Aloe Vera Leaf 
Slippery Elm bark
Barley grass 
Globe Artichoke root
Dandelion root
Golden Seal root
Milk thistle seed



There may be detox effects including temporary nausea, headaches, bloating or bowel discomfort. If these symptoms persist stop the program for 24 hours and resume at a lower dose. If you have any health condition or are taking medications please consult your physician before use. 

Ultimate Herbal Health products should not be used by pregnant or nursing women, by children under 12, or by anyone with a serious medical condition. Do not use Ultimate Herbal Health products if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. If you are taking any medications or have any serious health condition please consult with a healthcare professional before using Ultimate Herbal Health products.