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Stevia is a natural sweetener extracted from the plant Stevia rebaudiana.

Balanced blood sugar levels

There are very few natural sweetener options for diabetics and many resort to using artificial sweeteners. The healthy, all natural stevia is a much better alternative. Enjoy sweet drinks and food without worrying about blood sugar levels.

Great for weight management

You only use a tiny bit of stevia, so it is ideal for those watching their weight or following a weight management program. Guilt free treats can now be had with stevia.

Does not contribute to tooth decay or cavities

Stevia does not contribute to tooth decay or cause cavities. Scientific evidence shows it may actually help prevent plaque buildup.

Stevia leaves you feeling full and satisfied, no food cravings

Some of the artificial sweeteners on the market stimulate hormones which instruct your body to store fat, while others drive down your serotonin levels, which can bring on food cravings. Stevia does not do this, so you can use with confidence.


One tablet is about one teaspoon of sugar but it will be dependant on personal taste. Stevia can be used to sweeten hot or cold drinks and dissolves easily.


200 tablets - equivalent to 4 cups (1kg) of sugar