Skybright Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray

Skybright Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray

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Application specific for nasal passages. For immune support, acute and chronic infection and will also support the body in natural healing.

Skybright’s Colloidal Silver is very fine particles of 99.9% pure Ionic Silver suspended in purified water. Silver has antibacterial properties that work by disabling the specific enzyme that many forms of bacteria, viruses and fungi utilize for their own oxygen metabolism.

Manufactured to 10ppm (parts per million). Suitable for the entire family, including pets. There are no known interactions or side effects if taken as directed.

Adult/Child Dosage:
1 or 2 sprays into each nostril 3 times a day. Treat each nostril individually.

Active Ingredients:
Ionic Colloidal Silver particles.