NZ Bush Bitters

NZ Bush Bitters

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Self Heal's European formula, Swedish Bitters


A short description of the classical and traditional uses of the herbs in Self Heal's New Zealand Bush Bitters

COMPOSITION: - Each 5ml contains:

HARAKEKE (Flax) Phormium tenax
- 33.3mg - Soothes all types of skin. Supports digestion by easing or aiding motility. Aids mobility of joints. Aids blood vessel integrity. Soothes menstrual function. Can be used as a mouthwash.

KUMARAHOU Pomaderris kumeraho
- 33.3mg - Soothes the respiratory system. Aids the kidneys and the skin. Detoxifies the blood.

KAWAKAWA (Pepper-Tree) Macropiper excelsum
- 33.3mg - Soothes the digestive system, kidneys, bowel, bladder and skin. Detoxifies the blood. Aids the salivary glands and gums. Supports joint mobility.

PUKATEA Laurelia novae-zelandiae
- 13.3mg - Supports a healthy nervous system.

HOROPITO (Pepper-Tree) Pseudowintera colorata
- 33.3mg - Aids the digestive system. Contains polygodial which is active against candida albicans. Known as the "Bushman's painkiller". Can be used as a mouthwash. Aids healthy skin.

KOROMIKO Hebe salicifolia
- 20mg - Detoxifies the blood and eases excessive bowel motility. Aids the kidneys and the bladder.

KOHEKOHE Dysoxylum spectabile
- 33.3mg - Supports the respiratory, reproductive, and digestive system as well as the kidneys and bladder Aids the body's normal response to temperature control.

PURIRI Vitex lucens
- 16.6mg -. Aids back, ankles, throat and the hormonal system.

KARAMU Coprosma robusta
- 16.6mg - Soothes the kidneys and bladder. Aids digestion, especially for the stomach. Aids the body's normal response in temperature control.

KOWHAI Sophora microphylla
- 33.3mg - Soothes the abdomen, throat, back, bones, scalp and skin.

KAREAO (Supplejack) Ripogonum scandens
- 33.3mg - Assists with joint mobility and normal muscle function. Soothes bowel, throat, kidney, bladder, and aids the body's normal response to temperature control.

In a base of 40% alcohol and 60% purified water.

The cream is in a base of sunflower oil and beeswax.

Available Tincture sizes: 500ml, 200ml, 100ml 50ml and 25ml.
Cream sizes: 100g, 50g and 25g.

  • NZ Bush Bitters was created after being Inspired by the success of Self Heal's European formula, Swedish Bitters. The pharmacological components of Swedish Bitters were analysed and a herbal combination based on NZ bush plants was created.

  • Extensive tests were carried out on over 350 participants to find out the differences in action of the two herbal tonics.

  • Added to this, our clinical experience has shown that Swedish Bitters supports normal liver function while Bush Bitters supports normal kidney function.

  • Both tonics support healthy digestion and respiration.

  • Bush Bitters is useful for menopausal women and mildly depressed, exhausted or stressed people.

    CREAM "Soothing for dry skin especially if caused by insects: mosquitoes, fleas or sea lice. Aids and comforts nerves. Soothes bangs and bumps.