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Withania is a powerful herb that supports physical and mental rejuvenation and is revered for bringing optimum health into the elder years.

It is particularly helpful in convalescence for restoring energy after illness.

Its well-kept "secret" is a group of natural substances known as adaptogens. Adaptogens (or tonics) help the body adapt to the changes and stress of everyday life. Like a thermostat, they fine tune your body to keep it in balance.

Withania is an Indian (Ayurvedic) herb traditionally used as a calming and rejuvenating tonic and is one of the best adaptogenic herbs.

Commonly referred to as the chief Ayurvedic medicine of India, Withania has written records that date back thousands of years. Its unique and powerful properties have earned its reputation as one of the best herbs for dealing with stress. It has a calming effect on an overworked nervous system and also supports energy levels without being overstimulating.

The quality of the plant can vary greatly depending on the growing location and the part of the plant used. Our team have carefully researched and sourced from India, what we believe is the finest quality Withania powdered root extract. It contains 3% withanolides (which are the compounds thought to account for its unique healing properties). We are excited to be able to make this available to our customers.

Withania is an excellent choice when looking to support energy levels, lift mood, support restful sleep and help recover from any illness.


Withania extract 600mg 6000mg
Withanolides 18mg