Kānuka Foot & Nail Cream

Kānuka Foot & Nail Cream

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Kiwiherb Kanuka Foot & Nail Cream provides intensive daily care for feet and nails. Perspiring, poorly ventilated feet produce the warm, moist conditions that favour microorganism growth, especially on the skin between the toes and under the nails.

Kiwiherb Kanuka Foot & Nail Cream is an antiseptic formulation, that helps improve the appearance of the feet and nails by supporting fungal balance and reinforcing the natural barrier of the skin.

The CalendulaThyme Oil and Kanuka Oil work together to fight fungal infections for rapid results. Calendula has further actions of reducing inflammation and irritation, and promoting healing of the skin.

  • Restores fungal balance.
  • Reinforces the skins natural barrier.
  • Provides intensive daily care for your feet.
  • Gentle on the skin.

Contains no parabens, petrochemicals or artificial colours.