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Easy-Lax is a mild, herbal stool softener, which promotes easy, regular bowel movements without straining.

It contains five herbs proven to be beneficial to the bowel. Easy-Lax works gently over a twelve hour period. For best results take one capsule a day, with a glass of water, after your evening meal.

How the five effective herbs work

Psyllium seed is the finest source of soluble fibre. Weight for weight, it is 14 times higher than oat bran. It swells in water and encourages movement of stools. At the same time it lubricates and soothes the mucous membranes of the digestive tract. It is soothing for disorders of the digestive system.

Wormwood invigorates the entire digestive process and supports production of bile and good cholesterol. It has been used since ancient times as a traditional remedy for intestinal parasites.

Cascara sagrada invigorates the large intestine and supports regularity in moderate doses.

Fennel seed soothes many digestive disorders. This mineral-rich herb also reduces hunger and can support weight management.

Slippery elm soothes the digestive tract by coating the lining. It can also relieve stomach rumbling, bowel issues and excessive wind.

To be effective you need to increase your intake of water when using Easy-Lax. If taking for longer than a few weeks, please ensure an adequate amount of fruit and vegetables is part of your diet.