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Carnitine's role in the body is to transport stored body fat to the cells to be burned for energy. Carnitine is a natural nutrient found in red meat, which is why high protein red meat diets (like the Atkins diet) work so well.


When you take Carnitine you will wake up in the morning warmer than normal because your body has been producing energy and burning calories while you sleep. When you exercise, it increases your energy as your stored fat is burned. Carnitine keeps you warmer both day and night.

The average amount of Carnitine in the typical New Zealand diet is 110mg a day and the body also manufactures small amounts.

Each capsule of Carnitine gives you 350mg a day. Maximum calorie burning is usually achieved at about 1750mg a day or five capsules. Maintenance dose is 350mg or one capsule a day. Carnitine is 100% natural, and has no side effects up to 3000mg per day.

Carnitine works for both men and women and is best taken in the morning, so the initial energy release does not delay you getting to sleep.


Practicing Nutritionist Robert Crayhon MS, has studied L-carnitine for over 20 years. His classic book 'The Carnitine Miracle' is regarded as the Bible of Carnitine.

He writes, "The Carnitine advantage is abundant energy. It has made an enormous difference in the health of all my patients. It is the single most remarkable nutrient I have used in my nutrition practice over the past 12 years."

"Carnitine is the best nutrient there is for (supporting weight management). Carnitine does what no other nutrient can do: it acts like a forklift, picking up fats and dropping them off where the body burns them."

"Scientific research has shown me this as well. The results you can get if you take it in the right doses (1000mg and beyond) can be quite dramatic. Also eating a diet rich in Omega-3 fats improves Carnitine's performance."


We use L-carnitine fumarate as the ingredient for this product rather than the cheaper tartrate version, so in addition to the benefit of Carnitine you also get the benefit of the fumarate. Fumarate assists with the body's energy conversion process.