CALC PHOS 6X TABS- Bone Health(2)

CALC PHOS 6X TABS- Bone Health(2)

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Bone health remedy for the temporary relief of bone ailments & indigestion. May assist during teething, puberty & convalescence

Calc Phos is the most abundant tissue salt in the body. It is found in the bones, teeth, and connective tissue, blood corpuscles and gastric juices. Calc Phos unites with albumin giving solidity to the bones and building the teeth. Bone is 57% Calcium Phosphate. It is the main constituent of all cells of the body fluids and restores tone to weakened tissues and organs. It assists with the digestion and absorption of food and is vitally important for the building of good bones and body structure. One needs this tissue salt to make a robust constitution and it is thus lacking in a weak constitution. It will speed up convalescence and replenish the body’s reserves. Calc Phos also plays a part in blood coagulation and can assist with excessive bleeding – nose bleeds.

Assists with:
Bone problems
Blood disorders eg. Anaemia
Poor concentration, low mood and works well in conjunction with Kali Phos
Poor digestion & nutrition
Growing pains
Irregular heartbeat

Each tablet contains:
0.5mcg of the Mineral Tissue Salt Calcium phosphate in a lactose base.