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BodyGuard Selenium XL

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Why Bodyguard? 

BodyGuard is the new medicine for the 21st century! We now know that New Zealand has some of the lowest Selenium levels in the world and those levels are reflected in New Zealand's high rates of degenerative disease. 

There is growing evidence that selenium deficiencies are linked to a range of conditions, including cancer and heart disease. Scientific research is now also showing that increasing selenium intakes can not only boost the body's immune system but also aid with recovery for athletes. 

BodyGuard is committed to providing preventative medicine to help guard your body against degenerative disease and aim to provide supplements that can provide real benefits to the entire family and add life to your years! 

Our comprehensive formulas provide synergistic, potent supplements that deliver overall dietary supplements in just 1-2 tablets day. 

At BodyGuard, we are committed to reducing disease and illness, enhancing wellness and improving immunity by providing our customers with the highest quality nutritional supplements and antioxidants possible. 

Our emphasis on nutritional research helps us stay true to our mission of helping people achieve their genetic potential and fight free radicals. Meticulous research, premium quality manufacturing and comprehensive education are as critical to BodyGuard as the high quality botanicals, vitamins, antioxidants, coenzymes and minerals in its vitamin supplement formulas. Our research encompasses validating new analytical methods, creating test batches, and conducting product stability and safety testing. 

Private ownership means we can focus on improving people's lives and wellbeing through the development of products that deliver real results. The BodyGuard team is passionate about adding value to people's lives by improving peoples health with a focus on the primary cause of disease - nutrition. 

BodyGuard health supplements have been formulated specifically for New Zealand conditions and have been developed to protect the human body against future illness through ensuring overall wellness and improved immune function. 

They have been developed over time from real results experienced in both the human and animal kingdoms. 

History of BodyGuard 

As a young man, Dr Cliff McGrouther watched his grandmother die of cancer. She said to him one day, "You're a fairly bright young man, why don't you do something about cancer." 

Dr McGrouther's agricultural background led him to study animal health and it was on a Southland farm in the 1950s that he first saw the transformative effects of the micro-nutrient selenium. 

Inspired by studies done in the US on rats, C Hercus from Hakataraemea pioneered the use of selenium supplements on sheep to combat the high levels of still-births and disease that resulted from excessive use of nitrogenous fertilisers and super phosphates. 

Through his extensive work with animals, Dr McGrouther had learned that Selenium and Vitamin E are important antioxidants and he believed that human health could benefit from the great successes of antioxidant use in the animal kingdom. 

The use of Selenium and Vitamin E is now an internationally recognised farming practice, necessitated by selenium deficiencies in soils worldwide. 

Dr McGrouther's quest to improve human health was ignited when he came across research about the role of free radicals in the development of many degenerative diseases. 

Free radicals are unstable molecules that attack healthy cells and set off a chain reaction of destruction that is called oxidation. Oxidation is the same process that causes metal to rust and cut apples to go brown. 

In humans, when DNA cells are damaged, cancer can result. When blood lipids are damaged, heart disease can occur. 

Antioxidants are the body's protectors against this damage. They protect the cells from damage and neutralise free radicals in the body. 

Dr McGrouther went on to work with the University of Otago, School of Medicine to study the effects of Selenium and Vitamin E in people. From his own, and other international, research Dr McGrouther created BodyGuard SeleniumXL, a synergistic, high-potency formula of antioxidants that includes Selenium, Beta-carotene, Zinc, and Vitamins B, C and E.