Bath Bomb Blasters Can't Touch This

Bath Bomb Blasters Can't Touch This

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Bomb Blasters Can't Touch This

Feeling prickly in the heat of the day? This Bath Blaster is filled with Sandalwood & Ginger essential oils, and piped to perfection with Cocoa and Shea butter, making this the perfect recipe for hydrating your skin! As it fizzes away it will release a luscious yellow colour that glides across the surface of the water.

Under the hot sun through the hazy heat appears a prickly pear! Hydrate your skin with natural butter as the Sandalwood & Ginger essential oils create this cool character!


How to use

Drop your Bomb Cosmetics Bath Bomb into a bath of warm water and watch as it fizzes, releasing its perfume and essential oils, while the Bicarbonate of Soda softens the water. Rinse bath well after use.

Mood: Zen

Fragrance: Ginger Flower