LBS II (100 caps) (lower bowel support)

LBS II (100 caps) (lower bowel support)

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100 Capsules

LBS II - Lower Bowel Support -  herbal formula supports normal bowel function, encourages better digestion and supports the bowel's natural elimination process. The combined ingredients in LBSII help to enhance and cleanse the liver, gallbladder urinary tract and other body tissues and to encourage the expulsion of toxins and parasites.

Many of us are familiar with the discomfort irregular bowel movements can lead to. Skin blemishes, lethargy, bad breath, excess gas and bloating can all be a reflection of poor gastrointestinal health

  • Indications for use


    Supports normal bowel function and detoxification

    Supports bowel regularity

    Supports healthy digestion

    Non-addictive and safe for long term use