Feverfew, HP Feverfew (100 caps)

Feverfew, HP Feverfew (100 caps)

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Nature's Sunshine Feverfew

100 Capsules

Feverfew supports the body's efforts to balance levels of prostaglandins and serotonin. Imbalanced or high levels of these two natural chemicals may lead to physical reactions associated with discomfort. 

Feverfew High-Parthenolide commonly known as Bachelor's Buttons contains niacin and iron and provides nutrition to the central nervous system and may offer support for migraines.

Indications for use

Supports the central nervous system.

Offers structural support for the body, particularly the joints.

Helps to promote the natural balance of prostaglandin and serotonin levels

May be helpful for migraines


Per capsule

Proprietary blend 291 mg

Feverfew Aerial Parts (Tanacetum parthenium)

Feverfew Leaf Extract (Tanacetum parthenium)

Recommended Dose

Adults: Take 1 capsule daily with a meal.


Not for use during pregnancy