Sweet Orange Essential Oil 10ml

Sweet Orange Essential Oil 10ml

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Description  With its cheering citrus scent, Sweet Orange pure essential oil is gently uplifting and mildly sedative. It is also a useful skin care ingredient and popular in commercial cleaning products.

How to You can make your own beeswax furniture cream. Add 5 ml of dishwashing liquid to 150 ml water. Slowly melt 6 g beeswax with 300 ml Turpentine in a heat proof bowl over simmering water in a pot. Whisk the soapy water into the mixture. Take off heat and stir in 20 drops Sweet Orange oil. Pour into a wide-necked container and leave to cool, stirring occasionally.

Origin and main producers? Native to the far east but has been grown in Mediterranean countries, especially Spain. Now also widely grown in Portugal, Brazil and Florida USA.

Plant part used in extraction? Rind of fruit

Caution May irritate sensitive skin and avoid sunbathing for a few hours after applying to skin.