Eucalyptus Essential Oil-10ml

Eucalyptus Essential Oil-10ml

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Invigorating and cleansing. Good decongestant. Useful in inhalations and chest rubs. Can be used as a deodorant and flea deterrent. Antiseptic and anti-viral. Use in diffuser as air freshener and insect repellent.


Description One of the most popular and commonly used essential oils. Strong camphor aroma. Clear, sharp, and piercing.

How to At the onset of cold or flu symptoms, inhale a few drops of Eucalyptus pure essential oil from a bowl of steaming water for around 5 minutes.

Origin and main producers native to Australia and now grown in Tasmania, China, USA, Brazil, India and the Mediterranean.

Plant part used in extraction leaves and twigs

Caution a powerful oil so use with care. Best avoid when suffering from high blood pressure or epilepsy. Do not use with children under five or with asthmatics.

Aromatic lore traditionally the Australian aborigines bound eucalyptus leaves to wounds to aid healing