Clary Sage  Essential Oil- 10ml

Clary Sage Essential Oil- 10ml

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Uplifting. Relaxing, helps ease anxiety and muscle tension. Antidepressant. One of the most appealing anti-stress oils. Promotes sleep and a sense of wellbeing. Skin conditioner. Useful for treating womens complaints such as helps to regulate hormonal balance. Helps with digestive and glandular problems.


10ml Premium Essential Oils

Established for over twenty years, the Aroma Gold range of premium essential oils in the 10ml bottle gives us an affordable option to enjoy these fabulous oils.


Description- Warm, nutty, herbaceous scent.

Origin and main producers originated from Britain but now commercially grown in Spain and France.

Plant part used in extraction leaves and flowering tops

Caution do not use during pregnancy, except to ease contractions during labour. Quite sedative and should be avoided before driving or when consuming alcohol.