Top 5 natural supplements to get your kids through exams

Studying and exams can be an extremely stressfull and tiring time for your kids.

There is pressure to stay focused, retain information and get all that information out during the exam without blanking in terror!

I do not miss exams!!!!

  1. Magnesium-This is essential for energy maintenance and for relaxing. Tight muscles, sore strained necks, growing pains, cramp and trouble winding down to sleep at night can all be signs your kids need more magnesium. The form of magnesium makes a big difference in terms of absorption. I prefer ethical nutrients amino acid form mega magnesium or I prescribe a practitioner only metagenics one.

  2. B vitamin complex- so useful for boosting energy! Cracked corners of lips and ulcers can be a sign you need more bs. A full strength one such as go healthy B complex, or radiance B100 would be my top choice.

  3. Ginkgo biloba- this herb is fantastic for supporting memory, retaining infotmation and staying focused for longer. Excellent for kids struggling to keep focused or who conplain of forgetting their study notes quickly. Good health and go healthy make great options in ginkgo.

  4. Sleep and relax drops by weleda- if anxiety is a problem then these work as a good day support option for teens. They help take the edge off and are a great option for anyone struggling with sleep. I can also tailor make herbal tonics for kids struggling with stess or anxiety.

  5. Rescue remedy- this is so handy for exam freak outs! Spray, drops or pastilles. The pastilles are great for chewing during exams to calm down.

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