Herb Harvesting Chickweed oil and Nettle Powder

Chickweed oil is fantastic by itself applied straight to the skin for alleviation of itchiness, inflammation or for eczema type conditions. It can also be used as an ingredient if you are making your own salve or ointment.

Nettle powder is a personal favourite of mine and something have been harvesting and making up since I was a wee girl(when I used to feed it to my ponies for nice shiny coats). Is till love adding it to food for my horses, wee ponies, cow and sheep as it is a great nutrition booster. You can also add it as a nutrition booster for people by adding it to soups, casseroles, green smoothies, use it to make tea or into baby puree for older babies (over 8 months and 1/4 tsp).


Enjoy and note I accidentally left the lid on the slow cooker when I was making my oil. DON'T leave the lid on, leave it off as you want the evaporated water to steam off not condense on the lid and mix back into your oil! https://www.windsorhealth.co.nz/blog/herb-harvesting-chickweed-oil-and-nettle-powder