Sun Balm Natural Sunscreen for Lips and Skin SPF 50 | 35g

Sun Balm Natural Sunscreen for Lips and Skin SPF 50 | 35g

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Your lips need sun care as much as the rest of you.  Wouldn't it be great to have ONE product that protects lips, eyelids and skin?

Sun lip care is even trickier than sun skin care, because lips need more protection AND they are more sensitive to products.

You want a natural product, so you turn to zinc for your lips. But lots of zinc products go on stiffly and feel drying, especially on lips.

Welcome to lip care and skin care that feels delicious AND protects with SPF 50 AND broad spectrum- both are critical to sun protection

Sun Balm is SPF 50 broad spectrum protection with 2 hours of water resistance for both lips and skin. This is high performance sunscreen.

We've packed this beautiful sunscreen into a 35g tube because it goes a remarkably long way. And the smaller tube is incredibly purse and pocket friendly. Which means you have it when you need it.

You have just found a sunscreen can be used on lips, faces and hands every day for weeks! And Yes, your lips are worth it.