Organic Matcha Green Tea 100g

Organic Matcha Green Tea 100g

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Radiance Matcha Green Tea is an ancient Japanese traditional green tea, high in antioxidants. Shade grown, hand-picked and stone-ground, this matcha green tea is from the mountainous Shizuoka region of Japan. Radiance Matcha Green Tea supports healthy energy levels and well-being, taking advantage of the tea’s full potential by using the entire leaf. Matcha is rich in antioxidants and also contains catechins & manganese to help counteract the effect of free radical damage to our cells. The L-Theanine and natural caffeine in matcha green tea help support healthy energy levels and a positive outlook. Drinking Radiance Matcha Green Tea daily supports vital health and wellbeing.

SIZE: 100g

Can be added to your baking and cooking. Perfect for homemade muffins, cakes, desserts and ice-cream. Sprinkle 1 teaspoon (5g) in your smoothie, tea, latte or yoghurt for a hit of antioxidants.

100% Matcha Green Tea Powder