Oasis Beauty 'Knock-Out' SPF25 Facial Moisturiser (antibacterial)

Oasis Beauty 'Knock-Out' SPF25 Facial Moisturiser (antibacterial)

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Be knocked-out with Oasis Beauty 'Knock-Out' SPF25 Facial Moisturiser!! This lightweight, antibacterial, non-greasy daily moisturiser that punches above its weight class
Helps reduce oily shine and breakouts and protects from sun damage with broad-spectrum non-whitening SPF25

Seals in moisture (yes, oily skin needs to do this too)
Gives your skin the nutrition it needs to get it looking it’s best
Protect your skin from the sun so no wrinkles or sun spots for you!
Some people are acne prone, some are prone to fine lines and wrinkles – so we have 3 daily moisturisers to pick from - Knock-Out, Power Punch and Apple a Day? 

Oily skin, combination skin, teen skin care, male skin care, acne, sensitive skin, summer skin care, warm climate skin care

Hazelnut and calendula lightly moisturize the skin without making it oily
Vitamin A forces your skin cells to turn over faster, bringing new fresh skin cells to the surface = smooth, healthy skin
Vitamin C fights off those nasty free radicals to stop your skin looking older than it really is
Vitamin E and honey heal blemishes and acne scars
NZ-grown ingredients, tea tree and manuka both have the power to prevent the spread of bacteria on the skin to help prevent acne and breakouts
Lemongrass minimizes pore size and reduces oiliness. We put a bit extra of this ingredient in because it smells so good!
Non-nano zinc and methoxycinnamic work together to protect skin from sun damage without blocking your pores and causing breakouts