Morlife Yarrow Loose Leaf Tea 200g

Morlife Yarrow Loose Leaf Tea 200g

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Morlife Yarrow Loose Leaf Tea 200g


Yarrow is used to stimulating and regulate the liver. It acts as a blood purifier and heals the glandular system. It has been used as a contraceptive, and as a part of diabetes treatment, as well as treating gum ailments and toothache. Also, it is used in formulas for treating colds, flu, and fevers, promoting sweat in fevers, and healing fibroid tumours. It stops internal and external bleeding during childbirth. It is used to stop the bleeding of external wounds.




Add loose tea (1 to 2 teaspoons per cup, 250ml) to a teapot, or infuser basket. Pour very hot water (not boiling) over the tea and let it infuse for up to 3 to 5 minutes. Strain leaves from the teapot before pouring. Add honey or a slice of lemon to taste. Enjoy!


Seek professional health advice if pregnant, lactating, suffering from a medical condition or taking medication before supplementing.